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Hi everyone!
I honestly believe that my Spiritual awareness was certainly raised when I took my first level 1, and I have not looked back, Level 2 enabled me to go into business as a Reiki healer and I was happy to stay at this level for a while, but then one day I was inspired to take the Master level.
The change in each level was truly remarkable, not only by the Joy that is received in helping people and seeing them heal, but also the change in my psychic and spiritual understanding.

I see my ability to attune people to Reiki as one of the most humble, and beautiful services that I offer, and  I am most grateful for this opportunity.

If you feel inspired to take your 1st steps or indeed to enhance your existing level, then please contact me. Reiki Attunement can truly be life changing!
With much love & light Halina xx

Tel  07929 841223  07929 841223 or  email healing@hotmail.co.uk 

Reiki and Spiritual Growth!  
Bookings now being taken for 2017

To fully understand this you have to first remember what Reiki is – “Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy”. This means the energy itself is guided by a consciousness far higher than our own. Some call the consciousness God, while others call it the higher-self, the name you choose to put to it is not significant, only the fact that it is not guided by us and always works toward our highest-good. Once attuned, we are connected, permanently, to the energy and its source. From that point on the energy begins working in our lives to heal us on all levels.

The first 21 days after Level 1 attunement, is known as the 21-day cleansing cycle. In this cycle the energy works through one chakra each day starting at the root and ending at the crown. It does this three separate times, each time working to release any blockages, open the chakras and energy pathways, and cleanse out our system of toxins. Another effect of learning Reiki is a direct result of the connection that is made between us and the Reiki source during the attunement. Once this connection is made, we become more closely aligned with Spirit or Creator or Source or whatever name you put to it, than we have been in our entire lives.

This connection and the high frequency energy now a part of who we are raises our own vibration and brings us closer to a 4th dimensional state of being. With the increase in vibration we can if we wish, more easily perceive those beings of light that exist at a 4th dimensional state such as our Spirit Guides, Angels, etc., and we are more apt to be able to tap into that stream of consciousness.
This is why so many people have their intuitive abilities awakened after an attunement.
The benefits of learning Reiki are as limitless as its uses. Each person takes the energy and makes it uniquely his or her own. The benefits I have listed here are only the ones that I have personally experienced, and are by no means meant to be comprehensive.

 Much love & Light, Halina xx Tel 07929 841223 -  07929 841223  email -  healing@hotmail.co.uk

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