REIKI Healing

Fully Certified Animal Healer!
Having had 10 years successfully healing "humans", both face to face and remotely, I was one day inspired to use the same powerful energy healing and knowledge on animals, with GREAT SUCCESS!

I specialise in negative behavioural issues, but where an animal is seriously ill and would need a lot of attention and visits, rather than you running up a HUGE bill, it may be easier for me to attune you to Reiki healing, so that you can heal your own pets or animals for life!!

Please contact me to discuss animal healing, as they are all different and need unique attention.
Love & light Halina xx

Tel 07929 841223    EMAIL--healing@hotmail.co.uk       FACEBOOK-- animalhealer.me

"Thank you for healing my dog!!!! I can now leave the house without him crying and barking like mad....(and the neighbours thank you also!)

"You were just wonderful with my horse Halina, and she is now a pleasure to ride, God Bless you so much xx

"My beautiful cat is no longer afraid of her own shadow thank you! K xx"