REIKI Healing

I am in Warrington town centre, but if you live further away remote telephone healing/Skype is just as effective in most cases!!

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Hello and a big warm "WELCOME" - Come and take your first step to a better life!
I am an Advanced Theta Healer, Reiki Master, and Certified Animal Healer (specialising in negative animal behaviour)
I am confidential, easy to chat to, and do not judge people.
I am proud of 95% success rate.

Please give me a call or email me for a quick  chat -  "what have you got to lose"?

DON'T SUFFER IN SILENCE.....  Tel 07929 841223 or email healing@hotmail.co.uk

Love & light Halina xx


"My addiction to sugar was ruining my life......how on earth you got rid of it I honestly don't know all I can say is THANK YOU" M.K.

"Thank you for healing my dog!!!!  I can now leave the house without him crying and barking like mad....(and the neighbours thank you also!)

"You were just wonderful with my horse Halina, and she is now a pleasure to ride, God Bless you so much xx

"Halina Hampson you are a brilliant reiki healer! Just wanted you to know after two weeks of pain and not being able to stand from sitting without gritting my teeth, after seeing you today, I am standing without pain! Donna x"

"that was amazing i really didn't believe i could ever get over the painful
effects of being abused  as a child, you put me at ease and made it so easy,
I can now get on with my life" William C

"My beautiful cat is no longer afraid of her own shadow thank you! K xx"

"I have had Reiki treatments for 15 years, but that was the best and most powerful
I have ever had!! thank you Halina, Sue x



                        CERTIFIED DNA 1  & DNA 2 THETA HEALING PRACTITIONER     
                                           CERTIFIED REIKI ANIMAL HEALER
                                                   REIKI MASTER/TEACHER  
                                     SOUL REALIGNMENT PRACTITIONER   
                                           TEACHER OF ANIMAL HEALING  
                                             ....... Reiki Attunement''s available.....   

                         Mobile Tel 07929 841223  or email