REIKI Healing
Healing over SKYPE?
New Healing Workshop!

I am in Warrington town centre, but if you live further away remote telephone healing/Skype is just as effective in most cases!!

Hello and a big warm "WELCOME" - Come and take your first step to a better life!
I am an Advanced Theta Healer, Reiki Master, and Healing Code worker of high integrity.
I am confidential, easy to chat to, and do not judge people.
I am proud of 95% success rate.

Please give me a call or email me for a quick  chat -  "what have you got to lose"?

DONT SUFFER IN SILENCE.....  Tel 07929 841223 or email healing@hotmail.co.uk

Love & light Halina xx


"that was amazing i really didn't believe i could ever get over the painful
effects of being abused  as a child, you put me at ease and made it so easy,
I can now get on with my life" William C

"i was on my last legs when i came to see you and was really thinking about suicide, it seemed my only option....thank you just isn't enough!" mark

Halina !
"Thank you thank you, you should definitely be on prescription!.
I just had to let you know the differences I feel following your Theta healing.
The positive changes in my thoughts and actions are wonderful!
I feel I could take the world on" !!!  D xx

Halina Hampson you are a brilliant reiki healer! Just wanted you to know after two weeks of pain and not being able to stand from sitting without gritting my teeth, after seeing you today, I am standing without pain! Donna

 "CFS chronic fatigue syndrome is a dreadful disease.
 some days I couldn't even get out of bed,
I felt I had nothing to live for BUT PAIN.
 I felt a change as you were doing it and now
 just  keep getting stronger and stronger,
life is worth living again thank you from the bottom  of my  heart" Mrs K.

"I have had Reiki treatments for 15 years, but that was the best and most powerful
I have ever had!! thank you Halina, Sue x

"Hi Halina, hope you're well...just wanted to write and let you know that the healing I had to overcome my fear of flying was a fantastic success!!  I have just come home from a holiday in Spain and for the first time EVER didn't need any tablets to calm me down enough to fly!!!!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, it's changed my life xxx lots of love Elaine"

"Amazing just had to write to say thank you for the reiki healing.
I had a good nights sleep 1st time in years!
AND my blood pressure is lower, when can you next book me in?" Alan

"Great reading!

"thanks for the tarot reading halina it helped a great deal" sarah xx

                                  ADVANCED THETA HEALING PRACTITIONER
                        CERTIFIED DNA 1  & DNA 2 THETA HEALING PRACTITIONER          
                                                   REIKI MASTER/TEACHER  
                                     CERTIFIED SOUL REALIGNMENT PRACTITIONER
                                              ....... Reiki Attunement available..... 
                                      TRANCE HEALER / COLOUR HEALER
                                            REIKI MASTER PRACTITIONER                       
                                  TEACHER AND WORKSHOP FACILITATOR 
                         Mobile Tel 07929 841223  or email